Bamboo sunglasses for men and women.
Polarized sunglasses eye protection reduce glare

Polarized for your protection

What makes polarized lenses so great? They reduce glare reflected off shiny non-metallic surfaces like water, sand or roadways--letting you get back to doing what you love outdoors, minus the sun's harsh glare.

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Real bamboo construction

What do you get when you pair high-quality bamboo material with incredible, handmade craftsmanship? Explore our collection and see for yourself! Bamboo is environmentally friendly, comfortable, non-splintering, and long-lasting.

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UV 400 protection

Now you can relax in the sun without worry. Lenses are UV 400 coated to help prevent eye exposure to harmful UVA and UVB radiation. Our glasses have been independently verified as UV protectant by Mambo Testing & Certification Centre.

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UV 400 Eye Protection

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